I offer Individual and Group Therapy for



Relationship Difficulties


Trauma and Disturbing Memories

Creative Blocks
Sleep Problems

Performance Enhancement.

  • EMDR for healing from anxiety, depression, trauma, creative blocks.

    For many, EMDR Therapy provides startlingly rapid progress in individual therapy. On the EMDR page you’ll also find information about the training and certification of EMDR therapists.
  • Hypnosis for finding and augmenting your strengths.

    In hypnosis it is often possible to bypass the censoring mind to directly access a deeper and healthier truths. On the Hypnosis page there is more information about the possibilities opened up with hypnosis.
  • Psychodynamic Individual Therapy to support spiritual and emotion growth.

    The counseling that happens in individual therapy can a provide life changing exploration into the heart of being. On the Individual Therapy page, you’ll find out about me and my training.
  • Group Therapy for understanding and changing

    the various ways you keep from having the life you most want. The Group Therapy page includes information about me and my training as a group therapist as well as how I approach group therapy.
The decision to enter psychotherapy is one to be made thoughtfully. It’s important to find a therapist who is experienced and highly professional, one you can feel safe with. I invite you to explore the pages of my web site. In addition to pages on EMDR, Hypnosis, Individual Therapy and Group Therapy, you’ll also find information about me, my fees and my approach to therapy. Then, as you consider the questions that are specific to your needs, call 802-860-9500 to discuss your questions or take the next step.
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