How Does Group Therapy Work?

Group Therapy is a compelling experience

that can bring you to the heart of what's holding you back. It is a process that can give you the tools to change those aspects of yourself that block your growth. Work in group is alive and dynamic because it happens right in the moment, right in the room, in the immediacy of the interactions within the group. People are real; relationships are deep; change breaks through. The 'aha' comes naturally.

A well-led therapy group

can offer you the experience of rich and satisfying relationships with other people who, like yourself, want to understand themselves and grow. A therapy group is a comforting, confidential environment in which you can find support, learn to trust, let go of isolation and shame, and discover a sense of who you truly are. These possibilities are achievable through authentic contact with others seeking similar goals for themselves under the guidance of a trained and experienced therapist.

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In addition to the supportive aspects of Group Therapy,

there are also elements of this experience that can help you understand how you get in your own way. We all repeat childhood patterns that can keep us stuck. Old, familiar patterns may be holding you back in critical areas such as how you approach relationships or how you deal with conflict.

Group Therapy can help you see how habitual behaviors

and ways of thinking may be based on fears and beliefs from childhood. These patterns may have worked for you as a child when you had limited options and your focus had to be on survival. Consciously challenging these patterns, today, as an adult, can open up new possibilities. Group Therapy offers you that challenge as you engage with others who are also seeking change. In group work you will be able to develop new perspectives on how you relate to the people and events in your life. Working in therapy with other group members, you can learn the tools for creating conscious choices.

Why Is Group Therapy So Effective?

The interpersonal therapy groups I lead

are based on the premise that in groups people find themselves re-enacting patterns of behavior they learned in their families. In groups, just as in other parts of their lives, they often experience themselves in the family roles they had growing up.

The difference is that in the therapy group,

when you find yourself having familiar experiences or being in those unwelcome, repetitive childhood roles, you can use fellow group members and me, as the therapist, to help you see what's happening. You can get feedback, observe the effect you have on others and try new ways of relating. At the same time, your fellow group members will be immersed in similar work, looking for understanding and new choices for themselves. In this work together, the group develops strength, flexibility and cohesion.

As group members come to trust each other,

the group becomes a place for seeing yourself freshly, with compassionate and curious eyes. You will have the chance to learn why you behave the way you do when you're triggered. Working together with others will support you in recognizing how you get stuck and how to create new ways of relating in your life.

Group Therapy offers an opportunity

that will take you beyond the familiar talking about the issues of your life. It can immerse you in the experience of encountering yourself and others in the adventure of creating your life.

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