Hypnosis opens your unconscious mind

to be deeply receptive. With this heightened openness you are able to take in messages that can have a profound effect on your beliefs, your emotions and your behaviors.

Hypnosis in therapy

can help resolve so many issues, including


Self-limiting beliefs


Sleep Problems

Creative Blocks
Performance Anxiety

Confidence Issues

Hypnosis is a powerful modality all in itself.

 It's been used for years to treat some of the more difficult problems people come to therapy for. I can work with your using hypnosis as the primary therapy.

Hypnosis can also be especially effective

 when it's woven into a larger picture of psychotherapy. We may decide that hypnosis is a useful tool to support other modes of therapy. Either by itself or used with other therapeutic modalities, hypnosis can enhance the changes you seek in your life.

Hypnosis can help you create and realize your goals

 because it supports you in accessing the part of your mind that clarifies your intentions. Whether it be something as common as following through on your plans, or as painful as phobias, hypnosis can help you clear out the resistance that keeps you from fulfilling your dreams.

In therapy with hypnosis,

 you are always in control. As your guide in hypnotherapy, I will work with you so that you learn how, in a calm and directed way, to fulfill your goal.

I am ASCH Certified in Clinical Hypnosis.

ASCH is the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. ASCH Certification distinguishes the experienced professional practitioner from the lay hypnotist.

If you're curious about how hypnosis 

might support you in your goals, call me at 802-860-9500. After speaking together we will have a clearer sense of whether hypnosis would be an appropriate path for you in therapy.

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