What to Expect in a Rubenfeld Synergy Session

A Rubenfeld Synergy session

may begin with time spent in the style of traditional therapy as the client shares their history. Or the session may begin on the table. As in all therapy, this mind body therapy is structured around the particular needs of the client.

The Rubenfeld Synergist,

uses gentle, careful touch to engage the client verbally with metaphor and imagery. The client is invited to tell the sacred stories that have waited for a witness.

The client stays in street clothes,

removing shoes and jewelry for comfort. Sessions are generally 50 minutes or 75 minutes, though special needs or circumstances may call for a different time frame. Most clients schedule sessions weekly or every other week. As with other aspects of the work, the frequency of sessions is dependent on the needs of the client.

Rubenfeld Synergy Sessions

often take place with the client lying on a body-work table. The Synergist lightly rests her hands on the client, perhaps at the neck or shoulders or feet, "listening" with her hands to the unique story this person's body tells. Rubenfeld Synergy is not a method of tissue manipulation. Rather, the Synergist waits gently for the movement of energy. The client is never hurried or prodded. The Synergist's "work" is simply to support the client in coming home to the truth held in the body.

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During the session

deep emotions may come to the surface. As this happens, with the Synergist's help, there is the opportunity for the client to feel as well as express and explore the feelings right in the moment. It is the simultaneous feeling and processing of the feeling that makes the session so powerful. The result can be the integration of feeling and insight, which makes change possible. The potential impact on depression and stress can be significant.

When the session is over,

the Synergist will guide you in gently returning to the "here and now" focus of the therapy room, so that you feel grounded and safe before you return to the responsibilities of the rest of your day.

Many clients report feeling refreshed as they re-enter their lives following a session. Some report feeling tired as they complete the internal processing of the profound experience of change that began on the table. When scheduling a Rubenfeld Synergy session session, be sure to allow for a few minutes of quiet, reflective time after leaving the office.   

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